About the project

DigCORE - Digital Compensation of Intercore Crosstalk in Multicore Fibers is a 2-Year IT internal project that will exploit Multicore fibers (MCFs) as a promising scheme for relaxing the capacity constraints in data center networks (DCNs). The DigCORE project will bring together two specialized research groups on optical communications. The Optical Quantum Communications and Technologies Group at IT Aveiro (OQCT-Av), with a strong background and experience on the development of advanced digital signal processing (DSP) techniques for high-bit-rate optical transmission systems, and the Optical Networking Group at IT Lisbon (ONet-Lx), with a large experience in model development and experimental characterization of MCF-based optical links.


The DigCORE project will be organized in three main actions. The first action is concerned with the accurate characterization of the MCF-based physical link, which should address the DCN configuration as well as the specification of systems and subsystems. The second action is concerned with the development and preliminary assessment of tailored DSP techniques to mitigate the effect of ICXT in MCFs when employed in DCN scenarios. The outputs of the first two actions will be integrated into a third action for the implementation and experimental validation of the proposed digital mitigation techniques.





Start/End Date

From 01-05-2020 to  30-04-2022.


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Project Funding

This work is funded by FCT/MCTES through national funds and when applicable co-funded EU funds under the project UIDB/50008/2020-UIDP/50008/2020 (action DigCORE).