Work-Package 1

WP1: Project Management




Work-Package 2

WP2: Characterization of Stochastic Time Evolution of ICXT in MCFs


Task 2.1 ICXT Formulation and Scenarios specification

Task 2.2 ST1.2Development of a simulator testbed




Work-Package 3

WP3: Advanced Mitigation Techniques for ICXT Mitigation in DCN


Task 3.1 Specification and development of advanced DSP techniques to mitigate the impact of the ICXT

Task 3.2 Preliminary evaluation of the performance of the proposed DSP techniques




Work-Package 4

WP4: Implementation and Experimental Validation


Task 4.1 Experimental validation using offline processing

Task 4.2 Construction of a real-time testbed showing the DSP-based DCN functionalities




Work-Package 5

WP5: Dissemination and exploitation of project outcomes