Project Goal

The ultimate goal of the DigCORE project comprises the development, implementation and experimental validation of low-complexity DCN-compatible digital mitigation techniques for effective reduction of the outage constraints imposed by inter-core crosstalk (ICXT) in weakly-coupled MCF-based systems



Project Objectives

In particular, DSPMetroNet aims at:

Objective 1
- Definition of DCN configuration considering the specification of systems and subsystems functionalities;
Objective 2
- Development of a simulator testbed capable of describing ICXT, laser phase noise and polarization effects in weakly-coupled MCF, employing simplified coherent detection schemes;

Objective 3
- Development of low-complexity DSP techniques to dynamically mitigate the impact of the ICXT in the DCN and respective performance assessment (via simulator testbed);

Objective 4
- Experimental validation of DSP subsystems based on offline and real-time implementation;

Objective 5
- Prototype showing the performance improvement of the proposed DSP-assisted MCF-based DCN system.